Main Properties for local Realtor experts when buying or constructing new homes in Baytown, Deer Park, Kemah, La Porte, Mont Belvieu, Pasadena, Seabrook and Shoreacres, Texas.

There is much to consider and compare whether to buy or construct a new home. Price is a priority, but also consider the intangibles such as a Victorian architecture with large tree’s in an established neighborhood. New homes are new, there is no compromise in taste, tolerance for damage or use by previous owners.

New homes cost more and vary significantly from builder to builder. Dollar for dollar, you might get 10-20% less home in materials or square feet than a resale home. New homes are energy efficient, constructed with more stringent building codes, and use technology that regulate heating and cooling more efficiently minimizing energy use and cost over the long term.

You can negotiate the lowest price for a resale home, however, home builders are not likely to negotiate price for a new home as they operate on a fixed cost basis for labor and materials.

New homes include a comprehensive warranty, new appliances, new HVAC, and high efficiency wiring, sealant and insulation for an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Custom Homes versus Production Homes. Custom homes showcase your personal taste in architecture, recreation such as a swimming pool with water falls, stone tiled veranda, or basement sports man cave. New home builders have in-house architects, home designers, interior designers and landscaping artists, but you can change any of these services to your independent choice.

Production homes offer a wide range of unique house plans, designs and material options but may be limited to select neighborhoods based on price level models. There are fewer decisions to make on a new production home, and less customization so the construction process completes in less time.

New Home Construction Benefits. Unique, creative and open floor plans, unique spaces, kitchen and bath that fit your custom desires and needs such as lighting, high ceilings and crafted views.

Behind the walls is the application of modern energy and safety standards that provide peace of mind. Doors and windows come with a seamless enclosure, thick drywall, insulation and sealing for high efficiency heating and cooling. Energy Star certified new homes are 10-15% more energy efficient than resale homes built before 2010.

New homes, custom or production, come down to the budget. Since the price is not negotiable with new home builders, we can make the deal much better by using limited promotions, upgrades, adding construction details, or preferred lender to lower closing cost. We work with Trendmaker Homes, Taylor Morrison Home Builders, DR Horton, Gehan Homes and can make the best deal for you.

Lots, land or acreage will be evaluated by a license engineer, first, before the design is approved, and identifying any local zoning requirements, inspections, ground type, power line easements, accessibility to water and sewage, septic and other.

Selection of materials is also very important and can vastly affect the budget, appeal and sale value of a new home. We choose materials wisely, adding value in quality materials balanced against cost and keeping an eye on aftermarket deals. For example, if there is 1000 square feet of 1″ mahogany available for wood floors at less than 50% market cost.

We recommend using a Realtor for the entire process, we’ll guide you through the lot purchase, choice in designer and builder, through completed construction and move in.

Main Properties Real Estate for expert local Realtors when buying or constructing new homes in Baytown, Deer Park, Kemah, La Porte, Mont Belvieu, Pasadena, Seabrook and Shoreacres, Texas.

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